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Juicing February 23, 2013

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In my opinion juicing is one of the healthiest habits one can do.  It is the easiest and quickest way to load your body with necessary nutrients.  I first became interested in juicing after reading Kris Carr’s Book, “Crazy, Sexy Diet.”  After several weeks of research I decided to buy an Omega 8006 which at the time cost around $280.  I remember thinking; this is it, the beginning of a healthier, sexier Amy.  I was pumped and went out and bought a ton of vegetables: beets, carrots, cucumbers, kale, spinach, ect.  As their nutrient filled juice poured into my cup I was convinced that my first taste would be sweet and delicious.  Well, let’s just say during those first few days I learned a few things.

  1.  Do NOT juice mustard greens: Accidentally grabbed those instead of kale and the juice was unbearably bitter.
  2. Proportions are important:  Do not load your cup with beet juice and then expect it to taste sweet.  If the veggie is not sweet the juice will not be sweet.
  3. Cucumbers make an excellent base to any juice, because they are light and sweet.
  4. Don’t juice mushy fruits (ie papaya).  My little apartment smelled like overripe papaya and I was drinking mush L

Once I finally understood these core principles my juice began to taste pretty good and I noticed a change in how I felt and looked.  My skin cleared up, I felt light and had more energy.  I was hooked.

I began to learn some tricks of the trade which made juicing less of a hassle.

  1.  Once I bought the veggies I washed them and prepped them immediately, so they were ready to use when I wanted to juice at 6am before work
  2. I would take the small plastic bags I used to buy the veggies and put it in the container which caught the dried out excess.  This way I just tossed the bag and all the scraps didn’t clog my sink
  3. I would make enough juice to fill a Ball Canning Jar, squeeze in some fresh lemon and then have juice for the whole next day (Note: I have found that fresh veggie juice will only last one day, it begins to stink after that)
  4. I usually add an apple to each juice to add a touch of sweetness
  5. Some of the veggie scraps can be recycled.  The dried apple pieces can go in muffins and the beet pieces can be mixed in with Bisquick for hot pink biscuits.

Like most things in my life juicing faded in and out but I always came back to it.  Earlier this week I broke out the juicer for the first time in months (it had been packed up during my move and I had lost track of it).  I made the following recipe.

  1.  3 sweet delicious apples
  2. 5 fist fulls of spinach
  3. 3 cucumbers
  4. A bunch of parsley
  5. 2 handfuls baby carrots

This made enough for 3 glasses and it reminded me of how much I enjoyed the taste and benefits.

At an Isagenix meeting the other night, the presenter made an excellent point.  We are all about habits, if we can manage to make it a habit to stop at Wawa and get a cup of coffee every morning we should be able to establish healthy habits too.  My goal for this year is to juice three times a week.  If you have never juiced before I would recommend giving it a try and if you decide this I something you want to integrate into your life invest in a high quality juicer which does not heat up too much during processing (heat will break down some of the nutrient).  I hope this post provides some insight into the wonderful world of juicing!


2 Responses to “Juicing”

  1. dpums Says:

    I just got a juicer for Christmas. These tips were really helpful! Thanks for sharing!

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