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April 2013 Fitness Challenge March 26, 2013

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The month of March has flown by and during the past week I have been fighting a cold.  I am happy to say that I only had 3 days of real suffering.  I look at this as a win because this time last year I ended up at the doctor on antibiotics and was out of commission for 3 weeks.  I attribute my speedy, doctor free recovery to the healthier lifestyle I have adapted over the past couple of months.  This realization has motivated me to plan and execute a “Fitness Month” for April.  Technically, I try to eat well and be fit every day but for my Type A, easily distracted personality it helps to set short term goals.  After doing some research on types of exercises I picked 5 basic exercises which I know how to do correctly and will challenge a variety of muscle groups.  I have also signed up for a 5k in May so I have added running to my challenge in order to prepare.  I set it up so every 3 days I have to run a distance, this will give me 2 rest days and also allow for flexibility depending on the weather and how quickly I recover.  Below is the checklist I will be using…


In addition to using this chart I plan on attending 10 yoga classes throughout the month.  I am not setting specific dates because I work retail and I don’t know how my schedule will look.  However, I have 8 days off a month, so I can guarantee going to class those days and then I will work at least 2 shifts which will allow me to attend class after work.

Finally, this month I am going to challenge myself to drink a yummy Isagenix Isalean shake every day.  (This is more of a treat than a challenge and should be an easy win).  This will ensure I am getting the proper nutrients in my diet and the protein will support the added workouts.  –If you have never tried Isagenix I would encourage doing some research, my website is  I have been using the products for several months now and love the results.

April will definitely be an exciting month and I am hoping this challenge will prepare me for bikini season!  If anyone else is interested in participating in parts or all of the challenge let me know and keep me posted on your progress.  One of the best ways to accomplish your goals is to have a support system and I would love to lend my support.

Have a Happy, Healthy Day!

Note: I have no medical training and this plan is not intended to be used without consulting a doctor.  Never do anything which causes pain beyond normal muscle exertion.


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